Loyalty Part 8

"Shadow could you come into my office? I need to see you." Stacy left a path of destruction on his way out. Jacoby was not sure what he was gonna do as far as having someone take calls and make appointments. He figured that he could ask Shadow to step in since her last job [...]

Back To Basic

Hey ya'll things are really starting getting spicy. Kenny coming in and stirring the pot with all of his chocolateness. Hopefully Stacy doesn't get lost in Kenny's sauce. Please let me know your thoughts. Three days late Stacy "Where you going Jacoby?" It's Saturday! You don't have work today." Stacy and Jacoby came to an [...]

Loyalty-Face Your Fear

"Why did you act like that?!" "What are you talking about?! I didn't do anything!" "Yes, you did. You know what you did." "Please enlighten me and let me know what I did, that was so bad." "You made him feel uncomfortable." "I had nothing to do with the way he felt. If he decided [...]


"I can't wait for his ass to get home! I guess that bitch is more important than me! I told him to come directly home and this  what he do!" Just as Stacy started on his rant to his self, he heard the front door open. He was happy that Jacoby finally made it home [...]

Continuation Of Lustful Deception

Things were not working in Jacoby's favor. He was once a man who thought he could have his cake and eat it too. But those thoughts were slowly changing because of the havoc that had started to become his life. "So, how you gonna say that you love me? Then turn right around and say [...]

Lustful Deception

"No! Tell me know." "Who said that you had a choice? I'll tell you when I'm ready." "Excuse me Boss. You have someone holding on line 2." Shadow knew that the sound of her voice was going to get under Stacy's skin. That was the main reason she thought it was a good idea to [...]

Loyalty- Turbulence

  Ring....Ring.....Ring..... "Hello?" "Yeah. When you gonna be finished at the office?" "Damn! You checkin up on me now?" "You damn right, I'm checkin on you. All the shit you've done, you better be happy that, that's all I'm doing. Stacy didn't want to be that smothering spouse, but at this point he had no [...]

Loyalty- Deception

"Black people adopt. I don't know any. But they do." "Wow! Thanks for the encouragement." There was something brewing between Jacoby and Shadow. He could feel it and she could to. The attraction that he felt toward her was way stronger than anything he had ever felt for anyone before, including Stacy. "Seriously, though. Are [...]

Loyalty Part 7

"So, what is it gonna be?" "What are you talking about?" "I'm asking you, is it gonna be me or that hoe that you been screwin?!" "Why she gotta  be a hoe, Stacy?!" "Because that bitch laid down with you, knowing your ass was married?!" "How you know she knows I'm married?" "Because, the bitch [...]

Loyalty Part 6

"Don't worry about where I got it! Tell me who that is?" On the piece of paper was a cute little boy that resembled Jacoby. Couldn't have been much older than five. Stacy knew who the little boy was. But he wanted to see if Jacoby was going to tell the truth or was he [...]