Bum Ass’


        Something happened today. I’m so pissed, I had to say something about it. These apartments I live in are garbage!!! I have been saying they need cameras for years. What is it with these landlords?! The only thing they care about is getting their money on time every month. But when your shit gets stolen there’s no one there to replace it. I don’t know if this is something that exists, but there should be a clause in they renters contract making the landlord replace the belonging stolen. Only if they don’t put the necessary things in motion to detour a thief, especially in poorer neighborhoods.

The other thing, ‘why are you stealing from me when you know I’m struggling just like you?’. That never made any sense to me. Why have a hand in breaking someone down further then they already are? Go get a DAMN JOB!! Stop stealing from people that work hard for their shit!

I didn’t work all those damn hours so you could just walk right in my house and take what you want because you fucking feel like it. GET A DAMN JOB!!!

It’s messed up that I have to go out here work hard again, just to replace what was stolen.

There is so much I want to say, but I’m not going to be able to write it all.


I am someone that takes prejudice and wrong doing very seriously. Through this blog I hope to enlighten and teach others how to treat and live among each other with out our differences getting in the way.

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