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Desire: Part 13

“I don’t want to be with you anymore Sheila. I thought I did, but that was until I met Monique.”

Sheila was at a lose for words, because she thought Klaus was gonna try to back pedal and make it seem like he wanted to be with her, but that’s not what happened. So she tried to use sense on Desire.

“You know what?…. A dog gonna be a dog. And if you wanna be with a man that will f*** anything walking, be my guest.”

That seems to be your requirements, not mine. Because you knew he was out here f****** everything walking, and you still stayed with his a**!!…. Don’t try to play that reverse psychology bulls*** on me, b****!…. I only wanted him because I thought he was single with a technicality of paper work.

“I got yo B****!!!” As Sheila said those words she pulled out a gun.

“What are you doing, Sheila?!” Klaus’s brazen big attitude and  ego shrunk down to a grape when he saw what Sheila had waiting on the both of them.

“Klaus, if it wasn’t for you, I probably would have been happily married with a man who actually wanted  me!! But no; I chose to stay with yo nasty dirty d*** ass!” As Sheila tried to get him to understand how bad he hurt her she waved the gun with every gesture.

“Sheila, this has nothing to do with me. Can you both please, just go! I promise I won’t say anything.” Desire was debilitatingly afraid of what might happen next, so she pleaded with Sheila to take her husband and go. 

Nah BITCH! If you did the crime yo ass has got to do the muthaf****** time!”

“Sheila, I told you I didn’t know ya’ll were marriee….!”

Bang, Bang, Bang

Before Desire could get her sentence out, Sheila was shooting with an intention to hit something. Whether it was Klaus or Desire, she didn’t care as long as it was someone other than her hurting. But luckily she missed hitting them and lodged a couple of bullets into Desire’s couch.

“Please, don’t shoot!!!!”

“Shut up!!! You speak when you’re spoken too!!!”

“Please, I’m sorry!! I swear I didn’t know he was married!!!!”

“B****, you knew he was married!!! You just didn’t know that I was this damn crazy.”

“Nah, seriously Sheila. I thought he was really on the way to getting a divorce. You really think the d*** is that good, for me to risk my life?!”

“Why not? Other b****** risk their life for far less.”

“Well the way I’m set up, it wouldn’t be me.”

“Well, get comfortable b****, because it is you, today!”

Desire turned to look at Klaus who was now soaked in his own urine from fear of being shot. Seeing him in that state of distress, she started to question what she saw in him in the first place. In her mind she reasoned that he wasn’t worth taking a bullet for. After all they were only together for a little over a month.

“N****, you so sloppy with it! Really I’m in this s*** because of you! A n**** who can’t hold his s*** together when s*** hits the fan! You know you caused all this, right?”

Desire was beyond all the drama, and stress. All she wanted to do was appeal to Sheila’s sensible sane side; by trying to talk some sense in to her, but indirectly, by talking down to Klaus.

“Bae!! I thought we were going to be together! I thought you loved me!”

“I thought so too; but that was until you’re wife, my ex, came knocking at the door wanting to kill both of us!”

“Wait a minute….. So you telling me ya’ll use to mess around?!” Klaus didn’t know how to feel. A part of him was instantly aroused thinking of all three of them groping, touching and kissing on each other. Then the other part of him was pissed because Sheila had messed around with a lot of different women and men; and she let him know the names of them all, but Desire was never apart of any of their conversations.

“Yeah, we use too. But that stopped a couple months back when you told me you wanted to work things out.”

“Are you telling me the truth right now?” Or did she breakup with yo ass because of me?”

To Be Continued………….


I am someone that takes prejudice and wrong doing very seriously. Through this blog I hope to enlighten and teach others how to treat and live among each other with out our differences getting in the way.
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