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Desire: Part 12

“Where is he?!”

“Sheila, you need to calm down! I don’t need you to be all loud and ignorant here. This is where I live.”

“You think I give a damn?! Like I said, ‘Where is he?!'”

“I don’t know why you’re so mad. You were doing the same thing he was, with me.”

“The difference is, he knew I was messing around; I told him. Him on the other hand, had me believing he wanted to start over with just me and him….. Enough of the chit chat. Where is he?!”

“Come in before you get me thrown out!”

Upon stepping into the house Sheila saw Desire now had a pet that she didn’t have a couple of months ago, when she was last there.

“Ah, when did you get that?” Sheila said as she pointed at the jet black Yorkie poo, Klaus bought her the night before.

“I got it as ah…. gift.”

“Ah…, who gave it to you?”

“None of your business! Once you were done with me, I owe you no explanation for anything that I do or who I do.”

“Oh, you wanna play like that.” The look Sheila had in her eyes scared Desire to her core. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen but she knew she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of what ever it was. “Klaus get your lying cheating ass out here, right now!!!!”

Chills ran up and down his spine. He knew Sheila didn’t take too kindly to being lied to, and he was afraid of what she might do. For a minute he thought about bolting out of the window; but he figured he might as well take his punishment like a man.

Desire didn’t know what to say. When she first realized what was going on she felt sorry for Sheila, but then realized that she owed her no sympathy since she hadn’t shown her any when she broke her heart. 

Klaus on the other hand like the dog he was, came out of the room with his tail between his legs.

“So this is what you call working on our marriage! I thought you said that you were ready to give me and your son your all! What happened?!”

Klaus was at a lose for words. But he knew she deserved some kind of explanation.

“Sheila, I’m so sorry if I hurt you. I thought starting over with you was what I wanted; and it was, until I met Monique.” Klaus was now looking at Desire with love drunken eyes. Everything about her made him question what it was he saw in Sheila in the first place.

Uh uh, I don’t have nothing to do with this! True, I knew you were married; but you told me you all were separated. If I knew how things really were, I wouldn’t have let you in my home let alone in my bed.”

“Yeah, I bet! You couldn’t wait to pounce on him. I know you only starting messing with him because you think he got money.”

“To be honest that wasn’t it. Although, him having his own did help my make a decision in wanting to be with him, it wasn’t the sole reason.”

“I bet it wasn’t!.. Just for your information that money he’s been spending on you, is mine. 

See, ol’ Klaus here met me when I had nothing; and through the years I  got tired of having nothing. So I created a clothing line; that has done mighty well, might I add.”

Desire felt dumb for believing Klaus even had a job. But reasoned with herself that another woman would have thought the same; because he never was broke, and he always had large amounts of cash. 

“Okay,… If you are the bread winner, ‘ Why are you allowing him to walk around acting like he runs things?’ I know if I was the sole provider, I wouldn’t have dealt with the things you have….. You probably wonder how I know; because he told me”

 Sheila had to control herself, because she was tempted to pull out the revolver she purchased about a week ago; for this very situation.

“So you out here telling hoes our business!!”


To be Continued………






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