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Desire Part: 2

Weeks passed, Desire continued to work at the club. Things were seemingly starting to get better. She hadn’t heard from Sheila, but that was a norm; something she got use to over time, and she was making more than she ever had. Yet, for some reason that beautiful stranger was still circling around in her thoughts. She had no clue why the short time with him meant so much, but she was determined to figure out why.

“Hey, girl. What you doing in here this early? Trying to see if your mystery man made his way back?”

“No, Mahogany. I thought I would just come in for the extra money.”

Looking around the club, Mahogany screwed her face up, letting Desire know that it was gonna be slim pickings.

“You sure it would be worth it?”

“Yeah, you probably right, it wouldn’t be.”

“Besides, you got all the other girls in here beat. They trying to work around you. Seems you taking all they regulars.”

“Well, if they knew what they were doing, their regulars wouldn’t be coming to me; begging me for a dance!”

“Begging, girl! Hahaha!!”

“You heard what I said.”

“You funny.”

“You think I’m playing, but they tell me sometimes how the girls here need to learn a little something from me.”

“Desire, be careful, because these guys in here know about you and your Ol’ Girl and how ya’ll got together. So they’re probably thinking since you and her aren’t really a thing anymore that one of them could probably get to know you better. If you get what I’m saying.”

Desire started searching her memories and piecing things together. She wondered why the men in the club started to take a sudden  interest in her, and it seems she found her answer.

“Why do you say that we aren’t together anymore?”

“Because, that’s what she’s been telling the guys around here.”

“Ooooh, I can’t wait to see her!”

“Girl, don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what is true until you talk to her.”

“You, right….. Give me a minute I’ll be right back.”

No words had to be spoken, Mahogany already knew what Desire was going off to do.

Ring… Ring… Ring… Ring… Ring



“Hey, Sheila.”


“Damn, that was dry.”

“Why are you calling me Monique?”

“Damn, I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I’m good! Is that it?!”

“Shit, Sheila!… No that’s not it. I wanted to know if you had been telling people me and you broke up.”

“Yeah, I have. And?”

“Wow! Why would you think it was anyone else’s business. Hell, I knew we fought; but we fight all the time. I thought we were just gonna take sometime away from each other; you know like we always do.”

“You know why I wanted you Monique?”

“No. Why?”

“You made me feel like I could do anything while I was with you. I thought it was a nice change from the way life really is for me. So I pursued you; thinking if anything both of us could get something fun out of this. Then you wanted to get too clingy and be my girlfriend. 

It’s not fun anymore. That’s why I can’t do this with you.”

Learning how Sheila really felt about her caused uncontrollable tears to stream down Desire’s face.

“Is that all I am to you Sheila; a good time?!”

“Correction, that’s what you were…..

I don’t understand why you’re mad. I told you not to get attached, from the beginning.”

“I’m not mad, just surprised.”

“Surprised by what? Do tell.”

“Surprised how selfish and self absorbed you are. I know now that you could never love me, the way I thought I loved you.”

“Ah, that’s so sweet. Monique you are really a nice girl, I just don’t have any use for you anymore. Our time together has run it’s course. Besides, look at it this way, I did you a favor.”

“Are you fucking serious right now?! 

“Serious as a heart attack. In your case a heartbreak.”

“How do you figure?”

“I gave you, your first heartbreak. After me everything gets easier.”

“You know what, Sheila?…. Fuck you!!!”

“Didn’t you already do that?”



Hope you enjoyed this part of Desire. There is much more to come.


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