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Desire: Part 6

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“Don’t you see? All she wanted was you!”

” I understand all that. But at the time I think I was only concerned about my wants and needs. I know now, I should have never gotten married.”

“How old were ya’ll?”

“I had just turned twenty and she was eighteen.”

“Why didn’t you wait?”

At the time pressure to get married was coming from every angle; from her family, my family and even friends. But in the back of my mind I knew we were too young to make a decision that big.”

“So, why would you go through with it, knowing that?”

“At the time I just wanted to make everyone happy; especially my son. I wanted him to have a stable family and a father he could look up too; something I never had.”
” She was pregnant? Of course, it’s starting to make sense now.”

We’re here!”

“How you know bout Truluck?! I could of sworn you were a Georgia boy.”

“How you know that?”
“Just like you got your sources, I’ve got mine.” Desire said with a devilish grin.

It seemed like they were getting off to a good start. Desire was enjoying herself for once. Everything wasn’t about money or sex or making someone other than herself happy; and that was a nice change of pace. While she was with Sheila, it never felt as carefree and effortless as the short time she spent with Klaus.

Time seemed to run, as they sat there talking about Ex’s, politics, work, future plans; you name it they talked about it. But the time finally came for them to call it a night. They spent so much time laughing and talking at dinner they hadn’t noticed the restaurant was closing.

“I think it’s about time for us to leave.”

“I’m not ready.” Desire said in a bratty tone, not wanting the night to end.

“I know, neither am I. I wish we could stay longer, but it looks like they’re ready to close. Did you have any where else in mind you wanted to go?”

“We could go out to the beach.”

“This time of night?”

“Why not? This is the time the sky is most beautiful.”

“You really are a hopeless romantic.”

“Not really. I just know true beauty when I see it.”

“Apparently, so do I.” Klaus knew the compliment he just paid to Desire was a little on the corny side; but something about her made him feel it was okay to be himself. Something no other woman ever made him feel.

Desire had no words. She was high from all the attention she was getting. She almost wanted to renege on not sleeping with him, but quickly put the thought of having sex with him out of her mind. After all, she did want an actual relationship; and if she slept with him now, she thought the chances of that happening would be ruined. So she did what any woman would have done to get out of a possible sticky situation, lie.

“Oh! You know what, Klaus? I have to get home. I forgot no ones home to take out my dog. She’s probably going crazy right now.

“Okay. How about we do this again sometime? I had such a good time.”

The magnetism between the two was growing stronger and Desire knew she had to get away from him. The more she looked into his deep dark almond shape eyes, the more she was tempted to do something she knew she shouldn’t. The attraction she felt for him made her want to drop her drows and assume the position, right where she stood. 

“And I with you.”

“You’re nothing liked I imagined.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“That’s a great thing.”

“How so?”

“Because, most women who are as beautiful as you, are shallow. The main thing they’re usually concerned about is status and looks. If you don’t meet the requirements you’re out.”

“Well, I have to say: I’m a tad deeper then that. I’ve got a couple of layers for you to peel back before you can say you really know what I’m all about.”
“I’m sure you do.”


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