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Fish out of Water

During this past month I’ve learned and seen a lot. For the most part I’ve felt like a fish out of water. Reason being; I started working with children again. Don’t get me wrong I love children. But as far as working with them, I know that’s not my strong suit.

I know how to make them feel comfortable and inspired, but when it comes to discipline, I’m not your girl. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been an authority figure, so it’s kind of foreign to me. I hope with time it changes, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I apologize that the blogs have become shorter. But please be patient with me; I will be posting regularly, very soon….

If you’ve ever had a time in life when you felt inadequate, what did you do to over come it?

What was the situation?


Did you master it? 

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I am someone that takes prejudice and wrong doing very seriously. Through this blog I hope to enlighten and teach others how to treat and live among each other with out our differences getting in the way.
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