Benefits of Gym Goers

  Going to the gym made me realize that it is something that I have to do. Not that i want to do. The reasoning behind that is its ability to boost my confidence and motivation, and it also helps me remove the blinders and realize that anything is possible. there are a lot more benefits; […]



Weight is one thing that almost everyone struggles with? No matter what size you may be, there is always something that you would love to change about your body. For instance, you wanna gain a little weight because you want to have thicker thighs or a bigger butt or you wanna lose weight because you […]



Confidence is not something that I have ever had, but i am working on changing that. I think it’s because I have gone through so much in this body. Looking the way that I do. Getting picked on and teased because I didn’t look like a lot of the other children. Some one always seemed […]