Can I pose a question?…. Why are relationships so life changing? In most cases they’re most life changing for the woman. I’m sure there are men out there that have had their life changed by being with the woman they chose to be with. Don’t mean to leave you out, but there is something weighing […]


Do u see me

How is it possible to be in a room with a million people, but still feel alone?  I ask myself that question daily. It feels like I’m just going through the motions instead of living life. Sometimes I feel like I’m gasping for air. Being the life of the party is definitely not me. If […]



Fat is something that people see when they look at me. But that is not who I am. The sad part about it is that most times that is all they see. They don’t see me for the person that I am. It’s a shame that they are so concerned with what I look like […]